We need to go back to our friends!

Shocked to see this whatsap status of a close friend of mine from school days. Those days we used to discuss about making plays based on human stories. Stories of those who are marginalised and those who have nothing that everyone possess.

 We were then so passionate about such stories even though we already had something that a lot of others did not had. We grew up and we earned many things which we couldn't dream at that age. He must be possessing a lot of things now which he did not had then. He must have become powerful and wealthier. He must have become sharp and cunning. He must have become practical family man from the dreamy eyed little boy. But I am sad that he lost his mind. A mind with compassion to think about others. Sadly he is becoming a representative of thousands who lost their minds now in our country. 

I don't know exactly what caused this change. But I know very well that my friend is not a cruel, selfish bad human being. May be he is ignorant or brainwashed so that he cant see the reality. I think we need to find out the real cause. We need to go back to our friends and ask what has happened to them over these years. May be then, we will find a concrete answer for the problem that India is facing now!