My readings on the election 2021

My assessment is that yesterday we saw a repeat of the 2019 Lok Sabha election drama. I am not saying this in terms of, which party has won and which assumes in power. I assess that the result is entirely in favor of the Sangh Parivar dream of a Hindu Rashtra. I think the Sangh Parivar's strategy was to emphasize the abolition of the Congress as an opposition party with roots all over India today. I also think that the election result was conceived in such a way as to cast doubt on Rahul Gandhi's merit as an emerging alternative leader, along with the abolition of the Congress. No one is blaming a voting machine manipulation after 2019 Loksabha election just because the BJP is not in direct victory anywhere in the picture. It also seems that a very precise psychological approach is being taken to eliminate the situation of unreliability in the first place with the help of manipulated pre-poll surveys and exit polls. We can observe this both in 2019 election and now. Judging by the election results, what has happened in all the states, including Kerala, is the collapse of the Congress and the growth of the BJP. This is an indication of how the unilateral BJP victory in 2026 is envisioned. I do not think that Indian democracy can be credible unless the voting system returns to the ballot paper.