The Duramen

The duramen,
It's been inside for sometime;
A surge from my inside.
A force, a strength
which can bend even nails

And I can't feel anymore
those moist rays from the wet eyes
when they touch me, like before.

And the narrow streams of blood
cant angle to my heart anymore

Now, I dont see those cookoos
when they mate in the branches
and I dont see those kites
when they interwine

Earlier, though I withered
In even the mellowed sunshine
I always knew first
When the spring came

And yes, its been there for sometime.
A heave.
From inside to out.

Like an ocean, turned cast iron.
Like a dream, turned rock.

Earlier, though I stooped,
when someone leaned on me
I used to know,
the warmth of love in my shoulders

Now, all that I know is -
that there is something inside me.

A strength,
A force.

*Translated by Simy Nazareth
And I heard someone say
let him go on a bit more,
let him grow up a bit more