I first thought you were my mother.
But when I knew
what I felt for mother
was not what mother felt for father.
then I thought
you were my nanny
who tricked me from my fathers bedroom
in the pretext of stories

when I knew
nanny wouldnt play with me in mud,
no matter how much I compelled her,
Then I felt
you were my ally from the next alley

And I thought
you were that sex condensed in my fingertip
when I knew
marriage mattered more to juliet
than romeo

Then I felt
you were my wife whom, I worshiped
to the freedom of a locked bedroom
when the flags of revolution were
lowered from my thoughts

and then, in my quest for knowing you;
in my heroisms - you gave birth

my fate became
that of the one who tasted cianide -
just to know it's taste.

*Translated by Simy Nazareth