“Don’t make them lazy” an inhuman cry against equality.

Sad to see some people coming up with the argument that the Minimum Guarantee Income will make people lazy and no one will go to work anymore. Do you think that economical growth of the downtrodden is not happening because they are lazy? Oh dears please open your eyes to the reality of this country. Look at the farmers, daily wage labourers, those who work as sales girls, those who work as nurses in private hospitals, those who work as junior lawyers, those who work as “chowkidars”, those who work as your house maids, those who work as your gardener, those who wash your cars, those who work at manholes, cleaning all our shits... do you think that they are adequately paid for the hard work they are doing? do you think that these people are not progressing economically because they are lazy? Do you think that RS. 12,000 minimum income will make them satisfied for their life time. Did you ever think, why they are able to live “happily” with Rs.30 per day.. why? Because they are limiting their dreams.. they don’t even have money to eat a different food than what they can afford daily.. is it happiness? Dear friends we are exploiting them every now and then, inhumanly and we says that they will become lazy, if they get a little more money.. don’t you feel ashamed?

Why are you spreading this false perception on the people who are working day and night for the basic needs of the country? Do you think that you are adequately paying them for the amount of work they are doing? On the other side just think, what the crap you are doing compared to them? Social security and equality is the need of the hour.. Our country do not give value and respect to its common people. We make roads only for cars and big vehicles, hardly we keep any space for pedestrians and bicyclists.. We keep our cities bright but we forget our citizens. This should change. Ensuring a minimum basic income and respect to all must be the duty of the government. If you love humanity you cant stay away from supporting such an initiative.