It is time to talk through roots

Most of the creative people are dissatisfied with BJP and the #oneman_fakeshow of Modi. They feel that return of this shit in power will be harmful for the country. But a lot of them don’t want to express their feelings openly because of several reasons. Some fear direct threats, some fear indirect attacks. Can’t blame anyone for not speaking up and aloud. Every one knows that there is a constant threat against dissenting voices. But this is the time to speak up. Perhaps this is the only right time. There is no Modi wave or BJP wave as in 2014. There is a clear leadership in the opposition party now. There are visible changes in the ideological stand between the ruling party and the opposition. It is easy to make people understand what is the difference. While BJP is talking about missiles and war, the main opposition party, Congress is coming up with a pro-poor people policy. Once people come to know the difference I am sure that they will do their duty of defeating the evil party. But unfortunately most of the media is in the hands of BJP and its cronies. Media is constantly trying to spread this falsehood that their is no alternative. Infact there is a strong and better alternative in the country now. On  one side there is all the criminals Modi, Amitsha, Jogi etc. and on the otherside there is Rahul Gandhi, Kanaiah, Sachin Pilot, Jyothiradithya.. countless young leaders. On the one side their is a party which stands for fake nationalism, war mongering, crony capitalism and on the otherside there is a party which is drastically shifting focus to the downtrodden and the real issues. Please raise your voice, if not openly in secret. It is heard that trees talk through their roots when their branches cant meet. It is time to use leaves and roots and touch all the grains of the society. If not now, not anytime else! We have to save democracy!