The twin fight

I read Rahul Gandhi's decision to contest from #Amethi and #Wayanadu as a natural expression of the political idea he is promoting lately. UP is the real battle ground of Hindutva and Amethi is it's representation. Wayanad represents one of the most horrifying truth India is facing, poverty and inequality. Wayanad is significant because it shows that even if you are in the most educated, most progressive (?) state in India, if you are poor and you have no power, you cant escape from living a dog's life.

If you follow Rahul's speeches and the vision he put forth recently, you will understand that he is clearly saying two things. One is the fight against the divisive idea of BJP and the other one is the "final assault" on poverty. I heard him saying that, congress will give more representation to Dalits and Women in the time ahead. These two constituencies are a clear representation of the idea of the twin fights he is engaged in and openly announced. BJP and CPM will cry that he is running away from Smriti Irani. BJP is justified in saying that because Smriti is their candidate and CPM supporting that statement is a shame.

All the best #Rahul_Gandi

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